Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Name Is Official and Not Enough Water

Boat name is on and it doesn't look half bad!  It was pretty easy to install.  I bought it, like my last boat name, from BoatUS.  They have good prices and a good product.

I spent quite a while measuring and checking and double checking and getting my wife's input to make sure the name was perfectly straight.  On my last boat, I put the name on while it was in the water and I was in a kayak.  That made things difficult and my wife swears it was slightly crooked (even though all my measurements said it was not).

With the name on the boat I was ready to put it in the water and scheduled the launch for last week.  I received a phone call on the day of the scheduled launch and learned that the boat could not be launched because there was not enough water at the marina.

It turns out that several days of strong northwest winds earlier in the week had pushed all of the water out of the creek and it was too shallow to launch.

I ended up going the marina the following day anyway to load some things on the boat and run the power for the new chart plotter.  The water level in the creek was indeed quite low, with a few boats tied to docks near the marina leaning their sides.  We will try again this week.

I also happened to get a picture of another boat name, below, that is very crooked, far more so than my last boat.  It is so crooked, that they had to cut the top part of the starboard side off to get it to fit on the transom.  I will use this boat forever after as my "could be worse" boat name.  (You can also see the low water level in the creek as it looks like "Jackie" is sitting on the bottom.)

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