Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One year later...

Sad!  Every time I get on here and tell myself I'm going to write more... I don't!  I'm sure I've said it before (and I bet there's a post here to prove it), but this year I'm going to write more.  The best thing I could think of to write about was my boat.  So, I looked at this blog and the last thing I posted was a boat story, almost one year ago!

C22 "Poliwhirl" on the trailer, ready to be sold.
Well, that boat is gone.  It was a Catalina 22 I purchased in the Summer of 2015 and sailed throughout the 2016 season.  I kept it in a marina off the Chesapeake Bay in Middle River.  I got quite a lot of use out of it and spent up to a solid week at one time staying on the boat.  Spending a solid week on a 22' boat makes you realize some things.  First thing being, you need a bigger boat.

And thus it happened.  The plan was to buy a "bigger boat," something in the 30' range.  I pulled the C22 out of the water in November 2016 and put it on the trailer.  I planned to start seriously looking in Spring 2017.  But since I had the time, I figured I'd check out a nearby boat dealer that specialized in used boats in the 30' range and within my budget.

The "new" boat, P28-2.
First trip to the dealer in November, I came across a very good condition, 1985 Pearson 28-2 at an OK price.  It was slightly more expensive than I wanted but worth every penny and the perfect boat for what I needed.  I couldn't wait until the spring so I went ahead and bought it right then.

This P28-2 had newer sails, solid fiberglass all around, well-maintained engine and all systems in great condition.  At 28', it was slightly smaller than I wanted but the cabin layout more than made up for the length.  It has a non-traditional v-berth/head layout.  Boats of this size usually have the v-berth as a compartment at the fore part of the boat, separated from the main cabin or saloon area by the head and hanging locker.

Pearson 28-2 Interior, looking forward.
The P28-2 has a different layout that uses a more open v-berth, separated by curtains from the saloon, and the head is in the starboard aft quarter of the boat.  This leaves the port aft area as a quarter berth that is fully enclosed from the saloon with a door.  It seemed to give the shorter boat more space below but still with enough separation to provide some privacy.

Buying the P28-2 left me the owner of two boats at the same time.  I quickly threw the C22 up on Craigslist and after a couple of bites, a nice couple from Pennsylvania came down to buy her.
P28-2 interior, looking aft, slightly messy from cleaning.

The P28-2 is now on the hard at the marina where I purchased her.  I plan to launch her in late February/early March and sail her up to my marina in Middle River where I am still maintaining a slip.  The boat is in sail-away condition but there a few things I want to do before launch.  My wife wants to change the name.  I bought a small chartplotter that I need to mount.  I want to do some maintenance things like greasing the seacocks and changing the prop shaft zinc, and as anyone who has ever owned a boat knows, the list goes on.

I am really excited to have the new boat and can't wait until it's warm enough to get it in the water.  As I always say, but rarely do, I'll be back here for frequent updates!